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Portland, OR

Flash-friendly in original art! Ivalieu are modern bloomers designed and sewn in Portland, OR. 

Lovely Bicycle giveaway!


Lovely Bicycle giveaway!

Cathy Kellon

Do you like giveaways? I like giveaways. I also like tongue-in-cheek, off-the-wall humor (oh, and hyphens). So when the, "Lovely Bicycle" blogger said she's running a #bikepeeing instagram contest, I obviously, happily jumped into the fray. 

Before you (yes, I'm looking at you ; ) get carried away, these must be photos of the view from where you are peeing, ahem. 

Wait, why a #bikepeeing instagram contest? Excellent question. 

Here's what Constance writes, ". . .the very essence of the bike peeing experience, is the discovery of places too secluded to see from the road, of vistas from secret angles that cannot be glimpsed otherwise, of obscure, well-preserved objects and rare plant life than the outside world knows nothing about. One never can tell what fascinating things they will stumble upon whilst bike peeing, and therein lies its beauty." 

So be sure to take your phone when you answer Nature's call, and definitely check to make sure it's not in selfie mode. Contest runs through June 27th. See Lovely Bicycle for the full deal.